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Chasing 70 Degrees Demonstrating The Air Flow And Temperature Improvements In Their Brinkley After Installing Our System. April 16, 2024

A NEW Way To Get More Cool Air From Your RV Air Conditioners With Much Less Noise

March 27, 2024
The results were IMMEDIATE when I turned the air conditioning system on and they were AMAZING!
A lot more cold air was coming out of my ductwork and they were less noisy, too. Much less noisy.
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What Is Kool RV and Does It Work?

JANUARY 24, 2024

Staying comfortable while using your RV can be challenging, especially during the summer. However, innovative products like the Kool RV can make it easier.

Keep reading if you’re tired of sweating through your adventures. This product could be a game changer and help you fully enjoy your rig.


KoolRV A/C Connect: Improve Cooling in Ducted RV A/C

Published September 30, 2023

By TheRVGeeks.com

If your RV has a ducted air conditioning system and you’d like to improve its ability to keep your rig cool without spending too much money, you might want a KoolRV A/C Connect.

Billed as having the ability to increase the cooling of your RV’s air conditioning system by 44%, the KoolRV Connect is a cool (pun intended) innovation. It’s also budget-friendly and easy for a DIY RVer to install.


CamperReport.com - Keeping Your RV Cool Just Got A Lot Easier

Published on July 10th, 2023 byPatrick Buchanan

KoolRV Has Revolutionized RV Air Conditioning With Their A/C Connect

Very few RV owners would call damaging their RV air conditioner on a low bridge a “lucky” occurrence. It’s one of the reasons RV LIFE Pro is so well-known and well-used by RV owners everywhere. In this case, however, an altercation with a low bridge revealed to Don and Deanna Monet exactly what’s wrong with today’s RV air conditioners and how keeping their RV cool could be made easier and more affordable. more...

“KoolRV is the NEW KING of RV Modification“