Installation Instructions - Dometic Brisk II

Domestic Brisk II Series A/C Connect by KoolRV  

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove filter covers and filters from A/C cover

  1. Remove the screws holding the cover in place (be careful to hold the cover as you remove the screws to prevent breaking the cover). Set the cover to the  side to be reinstalled.

  1. Locate the four bolts holding the mounting bracket in place. Carefully support the bracket as you remove the bolts. Removing the mounting bracket will expose a large open area under the A/C called the plenum. A divider separates the plenum into two compartments. OPTIONAL - you may remove the upper portion of the divider if you so choose but it is not required for fit. 


  1. Now it is time to install the A/C Connect system. Holding the system in the middle, insert the A/C adapter into the square opening in the bottom of your Dometic Brisk II A/C. The fit will be snug. The lip of the adapter should sit flush with the metal base of your A/C.

  1. Use the enclosed self tapping screws to secure the A/C Connect to your air conditioner. 


  1. Next, take the two vent adapters attached to your system and insert them into the ventilation openings on either side of the plenum. (Please note our systems are shipped flat. You will need to turn the vent adapters 90 degrees.) They should slide easily behind the bolts securing your A/C to your roof. If your vent openings are too small or too big all is not lost! Please visit My Vent Adapter Doesn’t Fit! for instructions on adapting our system to your rig.
  1. Your system comes with HVAC foil tape. Tape around the vent adapters to secure them in place and prevent air leaks. The vent openings in your plenum may be larger than the vent adapters you have just inserted. Use the foil tape to cover any excess opening around the vent adapters.
  1. It’s time to test your A/C!!! Turn on your A/C and feel around the A/C Connect system. You are feeling for cold air leaks. You will feel and hear the air rushing into the A/C so don’t get confused. You are feeling for cold air specifically. If you find any leaks, simply use the foil tape to stop them. Once you have completed that, your system is fully installed!
  1. Reattach your A/C cover, filters and filter covers. Now, it’s time to enjoy your KoolRV!