Will this system work in my RV/travel trailer?

Our system is dependent on the type of air conditioner you have. You can find the make and model of your AC by removing the filter cover and filter. You should see a sticker on the bottom with the information. Pick the corresponding A/C Connect at www.KoolRV.com and you are all set!

The vent adapter doesn't fit my vent opening

Click here for fixes to the two issues we see most commonly

I have a Dometic Duo-Therm, which system should I choose?

Duo-Therm is a company Dometic acquired and is not an actual model of Dometic. Both the Brisk II and Penguin can be branded as "Duo-Therm".

We have pictures of the Brisk II and Penguin II on our Dometic product pages. Select the system that corresponds with the picture of your AC.

You can also determine which model you have by removing the filter cover and filter. You should be able to see a sticker with your model information.

How do I find what kind of air conditioner I have?

You can find the make and model of your AC by removing the filter cover and filter. You should see a sticker on the bottom with the information. Pick the corresponding A/C Connect at www.KoolRV.com and you are all set!

Who is the A/C Connect designed to help?

  • People who like to stay cool on hot summer days
  • People with small children who complain about being hot
  • People with big children who complain about being hot (yes, spouses, that’s you!)
  • People with pets
  • People trying to save money on their energy bill!
  • People looking for the most affordable, efficient and easiest to install way to cool their RV
  • People who want to reduce their carbon footprint without having to sacrifice comfort

Can I install this myself?

Absolutely! We designed this system to be very simple to install. Check out our install video.

What type of RV is the A/C Connect designed for?

The A/C Connect system is designed for RVs that have ducted vents for cooling.

How much will the A/C Connect by KoolRV improve the cooling of my RV? 

With over 100 RV manufacturers in the US and with each one having numerous models we cannot guarantee a set improvement. Results will vary from one RV to the next. We can, however, share the results we experienced with our own RV (a 45’ toy hauler with 2 Coleman Mach 15 A/C units). Prior to installing the A/C Connect we could cool our rig about 16 degrees from the outside temperature. With the A/C Connect installed that increased to 23 degrees. That’s a 44% improvement! It's like adding a third A/C without the huge upfront cost and ongoing energy expense.

We now cool off faster, maintain our desired temperature more easily, use less gas and electricity for cooling and don’t have to worry about our dogs on hot summer days. That is why we decided to make this product commercially available. 

Do I have to have one for each air conditioner in my RV? 

YES! Most RVs are designed with a continuous ducting system that all A/C units blow into. You will need an A/C Connect system for each unit to maximize airflow throughout your RV. 

How do I know if this will work on my RV? 

As long as the ventilation openings in the space under your air conditioner are at least 7 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall our system should fit no problem. Just make sure to order the right system for your air conditioner model. 

How easy is it to install?

If you can use a screw driver and tape you are good to go! Simply remove the inside cover for your air conditioner. Snap the A/C Connect adapter into the bottom of the cold air exhaust opening in the bottom of your A/C. Insert the vent adapters into the duct openings and tape around the edges to prevent leaks (foil HVAC tape is included with your system). Replace the cover for your A/C and you are done! Check out our install video to see how really easy it is. 

I have a shallow plenum. Will this work for me?

We designed our system to be flexible across a wide range of RV designs. Our A/C adapter extends just 4.2" into the plenum when installed. The A/C Connect should fit even the shallowest of plenums. If it doesn't, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

You said the plenum is the problem with RV air conditioners. I thought the plenum was an important part?

The role of the plenum in standard home or business HVAC systems is crucial for balanced air distribution. However, RVs differ in this aspect.

In a typical home, numerous ducts are spread throughout the space. If all of them were directly connected to the air supply, the air would not distribute evenly. This is where the plenum comes into play. It serves as a regulator, allowing the air to enter an open space and then evenly flow into the ducts. This ensures balanced heating and cooling throughout the home.

In contrast, RVs have only one or two duct entries for each air conditioning unit. As a result, the need for balancing air distribution, as found in regular HVAC systems, is unnecessary. Our RV system was designed to be symmetrical. The air is already evenly divided as it passes through our A/C Connect system.

By bypassing the use of a plenum and allowing cold air to flow directly into your ducts, we eliminate the turbulence typically associated with plenums. This modification significantly improves the air circulation in your RV.

The outcome? A pleasant and KoolRV experience, especially on hot summer days!

I have three air conditioner units on my RV. Will this still help? 

Absolutely! Our system will improve air flow from any A/C that connects to your ventilation ducts. Whether you are trying to get cooler or trying to get more efficient, the A/C Connect can help. 

I only have one duct system running through my RV but the A/C Connect splits to two. How can I use this system?

Some smaller RVs only have one set of ducts. To use our system, simply remove one of the flexible duct hoses from the A/C connector. Use the enclosed foil HAVC tape to tape over the opening on the A/C connector and install.

Can’t I just use the cool air dump valve? 

Cool air dump valves have one major issue. They are right next to the warm air intake! So all that cold air being pumped out is getting sucked right back in. If you are standing right under the A/C it feels good. But if you step away the air gets warmer and warmer. Our system is designed to circulate the cold air away from the air conditioner through your ventilation ducts, resulting in faster, more efficient cooling of your RV. 

Will I still be able to use my cold air dump valve?

NO. With a direct connection to your RV ducts the cold air dump valve will no longer function. The dump valve pushes out cold air right next to the warm air intake. It isn't circulating the cold air throughout your RV. The A/C Connect will circulate the cold air throughout your RV, cooling it more quickly and to a greater degree.

Can I buy this at a local store? 

Not currently. We design our products and organize our company to provide you with affordable solutions. Part of that promise means selling directly to consumers online to keep costs down. 

Is there a guarantee? 

If you are not completely satisfied with your A/C Connect system, simply contact us in the first 30 days for a return shipping label and we will refund your purchase (excluding return shipping).

I have a heat pump. Will your system work?

Our plastics are rated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as your heat pump does not approach this temperature our system will work. You can contact your AC (heat pump) manufacturer if you are unsure.

I don’t have access to my RV AC from inside, only from the roof. Can I install your system?

Unfortunately we have not developed a way to install our systems from the roof (yet!) so our system will not work for you (yet!).