Our Story

Famous Last Words

Deanna - "Hun, are you sure we can make that?"

Don - "We can TOTALLY make that."


Oh Deer

We were in Montana trying to get to a campsite and our GPS took us under a low overhang. Needless to say, our Coleman Mach 15 air conditioner didn't make it. 

Wait, What?!?

The insurance company needed pictures of the outside and inside. When Don took off the inside cover he immediately saw a problem. Did you know the cold air supply from a RV A/C isn't directly attached to the ventilation ducts? That got him thinking. It was time to make some lemonade out of lemons and see if he could make some improvements to that AC system.

Note to self! The odds of you founding a company as a result of an accident are pretty slim, but that’s what we did. Oh, and that GPS? We ditched it and found a program called RV LIFE Pro that gives us trip planning tools and RV safe navigation on our phones. If we ever start another company, it won’t be by accident!

A Product Is Born

While the A/C was getting fixed we did some research. We were not the first ones to notice the weakness. In fact, there was already a solution. The problem was that it was just too expensive. 

One day the temperatures were approaching 100 degrees and no one was happy. The temp in the trailer was in the mid 80’s even with both A/Cs running full bore. Don grabbed some cardboard, duct tape and HVAC hose. The inside temperature started dropping. The A/C shut off when we hit the set temp. We were onto something…

A Company Is Born

While friends and family recognized the potential of Don's idea, his physical disability prevented him from personally leading the venture. Fortunately, Deanna, who already headed her own company, stepped in to take up the challenge.

A supportive family member took Don's drawings and transformed them into CAD files. Additionally, a close friend expressed interest and offered to invest in the company. With their contributions, we embarked on rigorous product testing and established connections with reliable manufacturers. The results of our tests were overwhelmingly positive, paving the way for the birth of KoolRV Solutions, Inc.

Our Promise

Our company is focused on creating an efficient and adaptable business model that utilizes cutting-edge technologies in design, manufacturing, and distribution, allowing us to minimize costs. We prioritize practicality over extravagant packaging, unnecessary frills, or costly advertising campaigns. Our core belief is that by delivering affordable, top-notch products that cater to the needs of RV enthusiasts, we will earn the support and loyalty of the RV community.

Our Mission

We created our company because we saw a need. Life in RVs can be a challenge. We want to make that life easier. Our goal is to bring new, creative solutions at affordable prices to your campsite. We hope you like them.