Introducing the A/C Connect by KoolRV™: The Solution to Optimizing Your RV's Cooling

Did you know that your RV air conditioner isn't directly attached to your vents? That's right, the air from your air conditioner actually blows into an open space in your roof called a plenum. This design has a significant drawback when it comes to efficiently cooling your RV. The cool air tends to swirl around in the plenum, struggling to find its way into the slats on the sides that lead to your vents. This is the primary obstacle preventing your RV from achieving optimal cooling!

The A/C Connect by KoolRV was designed specifically to address this weakness. Our innovative system securely connects to the cold air supply of your A/C on one end and directly links to your ventilation system on the other. By doing so, it eliminates the wasteful turbulence in the plenum and ensures that 100% of the cool air is efficiently distributed throughout your RV. Our system also reduces back pressure that can cause your cold air to warm before it even enters your ducts. A recent test by a customer showed a cold air temperature improvement of 5-10 DEGREES COOLER PER DUCT in a before and after comparison. (Watch the video here)

Prior to installing the A/C Connect system, our stock A/C setup was able to lower the inside temperature by 16 degrees compared to the outside temperature. However, with the installation of the A/C Connect system, our temperature now drops by an incredible 23 degrees from the outside temperature! This represents an impressive increase of 44% in cooling efficiency!

That's not all. The A/C Connect offers another significant benefit: easy installation. Your system comes fully assembled. All you need to do is insert one end into your A/C and the other ends into the vent openings. To prevent any air leaks, use the included HVAC foil tape to secure the vent adapters in place. It's that simple!

Stop dreading those hot summer days when you should be out enjoying them. Order your A/C Connect by KoolRV™ today!

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